My Sexual Journey: From Tumblr Adventures to Full-Time Content Creation

It’s been almost a decade since I shared my first nood online! Before the Tumblr porn ban, I was just a horny girl sharing her nakey body on the interwebs hoping someone would get off to it. I don’t know if I would say Tumblr led to my sexual awakening because I’ve always considered myself a hypersexual person – but it was the catalyst for my decision to pursue being an adult creator full-time.

2014 – Tumblr Beginnings:

I think I remember looking at the pictures we took in awe – nervously went to post on the account we created and probably threw my phone halfway across the room from the exhilaration I felt. 

2015 – The Start of Exploring Fantasies:

“How to have a threesome”—the Google search that led to self-discovery. No, really. I knew the end goal but had no idea how to get there. This led me down a rabbit hole of sexual debauchery. My husband and I found ourselves in the world of sex parties, group play, BDSM, and kink. It was magical.

2020 – The PornHub Model Program:

The Pandemic hit. So, we join the PornHub model program. It was just for fun for us. We shared a boy/girl video and a couple of solo videos of me, which later down the line, to my surprise, would get featured on PornHub and gain over 50K views. Here’s that link for ahem, market research. 

2023 – Committing to the Craft:

Life was feeling routine. I wasn’t the happiest in my career. I felt confused, and with the help of post-nut clarity, realized that I wanted to commit to being an adult content creator. I spent the year creating more content for free on PornHub, learning the ins and outs of the industry with my husband, and upgrading my equipment to produce higher-quality videos. I ended my year by going to an Exxxotica convention, which helped me realize that creating content can be my career. 

2024 – Present – Full-Time Creator:

Flashback to the present day, and I have almost half a million video views and almost 20K subscribers on PornHub, launching my paid sites and getting ready to have my first debut stream on Chaturbate in March. What started as just a hobby is shifting into my career, and I could not be happier or more grateful to be able to do something that I love.  

I’m so excited to continue to navigate this space and connect with my fans. I really appreciate you all so much and I’m happy to have you with me for this crazy ride. 💛

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